We believe we have finally found the cause of Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia and RSD.

We can’t claim we have as this would be illegal, but we are convinced because of the results we see.

We have a non-invasive pain relief test that for many relieves most of their symptoms in minutes. Doctors’ report that those who have relief with the test, almost always respond to our 12 year tested treatment. We do not accept patients who do not have significant pain relief with the test, but Doctors using our technique report almost all receive relief.Could this be the scientific breakthrough we have all been waiting for? 450 Doctors would say yes. Office studies show an average of 85% symptom relief with our new treatment in 8 weeks. Their prescribing Doctors are almost always able to help them be drug free, why, because they don’t hurt, their depression is gone and they sleep again.

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Receive Our Complimentary Test, To Determine If Our 
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Successful Candidates For The Program Have
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They Are Not Accepted In The Program.

Our Doctors Report Most Patients with these Diseases
Receive Relief From the Test.
As far as we know this is the first major breakthrough and we now have over 450 offices using this Technique successfully!

The difference between other offices and ours, is that we have developed a test and treatment for Fibromyalgia, RSD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Failed Back Surgeries, unexplained body pain, and Peripheral Neuralgia; we believe we have found the answer and have hundreds of Doctors using our procedures who agree with us. As far as we know, we have the only “Symptom Relieving Test” for these conditions.

Patients report that for most people, the pain and bad feelings that accompany these conditions reduce significantly or remit completely with our Free Test.

This tells us if you should respond to treatment and how often you need to be seen.

Our Doctors report the treatment almost always works well for those who respond to our test. The purpose of the treatment is to make the correction permanent.

If you do not respond to our test, we will not treat you. This is our way of insuring you that you have no loss.  You tell us if the test works and we use your feed-back to decide whether to initiate treatment. During treatment you let us know when to decrease and fine tune our treatment as we retest you. You tell us how you are responding by letting us know your symptomatic response with regular surveys and re-exams. We administer our gentle care with your feedback. If the test does not work this does not mean we will desert you, we will do our best to get you to the proper Doctor for help.

The test takes about ten minutes and for almost all diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, RSD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Failed Back Surgeries, unexplained body pain, and Peripheral Neuralgia, our Doctors report it removes most to all of the symptoms during the test.

All of our testing is free and therefore we never charge someone who doesn’t respond to our test or even those who do. This way we do no damage to you and make it easy to see if you may respond to our treatment.

It is common to feel like you have lost your mind and for most, your sex drive is little or none, this is normal and should return with treatment.

We would love to answer your questions, please feel free to call any time.

We truly believe we have found the cause of these terrible conditions and would like to share our test and knowledge with you.  We would love to speak with you, call us at  (949) 328-4980. A staff member who suffered with one of these conditions is standing by.

This is our work and we believe we have found the cause of Fibromyalgia and many other pain related conditions. We believe this because the patients tell us they get better or completely well. I am sure there are some out there that would disagree with us. We now have been doing this for eleven years and have thousands of happy patients. We do not make a claim that we have found the cause of these conditions mentioned on our website as this would be illegal, but it is our belief that we have. We do believe we have the only pain relief Test for Fibromyalgia that gives relief in minutes. So we in no way want to claim a cure or that we are the best. We want you to see what our patients say and then you be the judge.